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Mission impossible?


We sent support in the form of more Surface Coating and a tube of the recently developed Surface Stabilizer/Flexible Filler product. Our Customer continued to apply the small of remaining filler and additional coats of the Surface Coating while waiting for the package to arrive from Australia.






  • Sonja Ellett

    We have a 2010 Camry that looks great except for sticky dash and horrible glare. I bought stickydashfix. Our kit did not contain stabilizer. Part of dashboard looks good however section over steering wheel still has some deep cracks as well as other cracking even after using alcohol and more coating. I have used most of coating. Any suggestions?

  • Theresa Dormody

    Can you share the ideal temperature and humidity range to apply the product? Orlando FL garage kept vehicle but still very humid and hot 92F 62% humidity. Should I wait for winter when temperatures and humidity are lower?
    Thank you,

  • John Barber

    Well it does work. Sticky fix, 49.95
    It’s not perfect, best to roll it on. Takes multiple coats in order not to have brush marks. It will always be a matt type finish. You can not use 493 or Armour all protective for a shiny finish

    On the other hand if your dash has sun cracks or sticky, 2000 dollars new dash, or 49.95

  • Andrew

    I just bought some in the wrong color on accident and was wondering how much the color of the product matters

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