The sticky dash problem.

Under certain conditions, a combination of high humidity and high temperatures can cause the surface of some Dashboards to become sticky/melted, have a shiny appearance, emit a noxious chemical smell and ooze a yellowish adhesive compound that is sticky to the touch. Despite otherwise being pleased with their vehicles, owner's recognize that the deterioration of their Dashboard may be dangerous and reduce resale value.

Here's the Fix.

The Sticky Dash Fix is an effective, easy and permanent two-step, do-it-yourself Dashboard repair solution.

Step 1. A Surface Cleaner, formulated to quickly and easily remove sticky plasticizers, dirt and debris, is applied to prepare the Dashboard surface.

Step 2. A Surface Coating is applied which bonds to the Dashboard surface to form a thin, yet strong and flexible membrane, which after a number of light coats, effectively seals the surface.

The defect explained.

Exposure to sunlight, heat and perhaps high humidity can cause the adhesive used to bond the layers to liquify and migrate downwards into the foam layer or upwards through the dashboard outer fabric. The outer fabric softens and expands when heated providing a "path of least resistance" for the adhesive to escape. This is most evident in the areas of the dashboard closest to the windscreen glass. Overtime, if not treated, the strong adhesive begins to soften and destroy the outer fabric of the dashboard. Just touching the soft sticky surface can leave indentations and gouges.

Customer Testimonials

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Best Selling Products

STICKY DASH FIX KIT - Toyota Camry (2006 - 2011)

STICKY DASH FIX KIT - Toyota Camry (2006 - 2011)

Sale price $39.95 Regular price $49.95

STICKY DASH FIX KIT - Lexus IS (2005 - 2013)

STICKY DASH FIX KIT - Lexus IS (2005 - 2013)

Sale price $39.95 Regular price $49.95

Development & testing

We stumbled across the sticky/melting dashboard problem by chance, in April 2018 and drew on our experience in formulating specialty coatings for the additive manufacturing (3d printing) industry. We already produced a coating which helps preserve delicate multi-material poly-jet additive manufactured objects, which can also become sticky when exposed to U.V. light, heat and moisture and noted the similarities to the sticky dash problem. We did however, underestimate the chemical resistance of the defective adhesive and early on, needed to switch resin system. The final formulation has undergone hundreds of hours of testing in both the United States and Australia,  including extreme heat cycles and exposure to multiple sources of radiant heat, even high pressure steam. 


What is included in the kit?

Each Sticky Dash Fix kit includes: 125ml bottle of Surface Cleaner with atomizer, 125ml bottle of Surface Coating, 2 foam applicator brushes, gloves and detailed instructions.

How many coats are needed?

This will depend on the condition of your Dash, more light coats will need to be applied to the areas closest to the windscreen. The areas around the windscreen demister vents are normally the most effected.

How will I know when I've applied enough coating?

Apply the coating to the worst effected areas first. Once dry, the area will feel less sticky with each coat and will feel dry and smooth to touch once sufficient coating has been applied. On the next warm day, check that the Dash is dry and apply more coating if you have missed a spot or the surface is still tacky.

Why is the coating colour-matched and not just clear to suite any car?

The coating is colour-matched for each models Dashboard because many effected Dashboard become discoloured and may have a patchy brownish appearance and the colour pigment, greatly reduces light penetrating the Dashboard surface.

Beautifully over-engineered

Our products were originally developed for the 3d printing (additive manufacturing) industry to restore and protect complex multi-material 3d printed medical models and rapid prototypes which are susceptible to light and moisture (humidity).