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STICKY SWITCH FIX The Essentials Pack

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Over time, synthetic "soft feel" surface coatings on switchgear and materials can degrade, becoming discoloured, soft and sticky to the touch - attracting dirt and debris. 

The use of harsh cleaners and solvents can further soften or strip the coating along with button labels/diagrams. 


STICKY SWITCH FIX - Button Cleaner is a safer product; formulated to reduce surface stickiness, enabling cleaning of the surface without removing the coating. Use as a maintenance product to improve the appearance and feel of switchgear and high-use control surfaces.


Application: Test on an inconspicuous area first. Do not spray cleaner directly onto switchgear - which could result in damage to electronics. Spray the cleaner onto a lint-free or micro-fibre cloth, gently wipe the sticky surface coating in one direction. Repeat if necessary. The coating may appear slightly white or cloudy until completely dry.

STICKY SWITCH FIX - Button Coating permanently stabilizes and seals switchgear an trim surfaces. Dries to a clear satin-matte finish.

Ideal for use on automotive, marine, aviation switchgear and control surfaces.

Application: For best results and to ensure good adhesion, use STICKY SWITCH FIX - Button Cleaner first to remove any dirt, debris and detailing products. Invert bottle gently to mix contents before use. Avoid shaking the bottle vigorously which will create air bubbles. Apply only light coats, using a quality, soft small brush or sponge. Avoid drips or runs which could damage electronics. Be sure to smooth over any fine air bubbles before the coating begins to dry. Leave to touch dry (approximately 15 mins). A hairdryer set to a low setting can be used to reduce drying time. Very sticky surfaces may require more than one coat. Use multiple coats on sections where the original "soft feel" coating is scratched or badly worn down, to fill indentations and create a more even surface.


STICKY SWITCH FIX - Button Cleaner 100 ml./3.53 fl. oz. with atomizer & STICKY SWITCH FIX - Button Coating 2 x 50 ml./1.69 fl. oz. bottles.