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Sticky Dash Filler/Stabilizer - 50 ml/3.52 fl oz

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NEW Sticky Dash Filler - Stabilizer 

When exposed to intense sunlight, badly degraded dashboards often develop areas where the sticky "compound" pools on the surface, particularly on areas closest to the windscreen base and on raised areas such as the instrument hood.

These patches, which are covered with, essentially, a thick liquid, can prove problematic if applying the Surface Coating directly over them. When exposed again to heat, the "compound" liquifies and expands, causing the microns-thin Surface Coating to stretch and split, resulting in a cracked "crocodile-like" appearance, exposing the sticky liquid underneath.

Sticky Dash Filler - Stabilizer reinforces soft, sticky areas prior to applying the Surface Coating and fills dashboard surface gouges and scratches.

Surface Stabilization:

  1. Squeeze a portion of the filler into a separate container and mix well with approximately 20% clean water, or more as required, to increase the flow of the product and avoid brush marks.
  2. Apply the mixture evenly over areas where required, using a suitable brush or small spatula and allow to dry (the product will become matte when dry). If required, the process may need to be repeated on particularly sticky areas until the surface is solid.
  3. Follow with a coat of Sticky Dash Fix - Surface Coating to colour over the stabilized surface.


Apply the filler, undiluted with a small spatula or brush (for lighter scratches).


  1. Don't use a sharp-edged spatula or tool, which could cause additional damage to a soft surface.
  2. Allow the filler to dry before assessing if more is required.
  3. Never use sandpaper to smooth excess filler - instead, the filler, once dry, can be "sculpted" by dipping a finger, small brush, or cloth, in rubbing alcohol (methylated spirits) or isopropyl alcohol to smooth over and re-distribute the filler.
  4. Follow with a coat of Sticky Dash Fix - Surface Coating to colour over the filled area.